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My Salsa Story


I have a love for teaching and a passion for food. Early in my teaching years I found that bringing food into the classroom not only kept my students happy, but also built a sense of community. Whether we planned class potlucks or sampled foods from another culture, food brought everyone together.

If you talked to students I had twenty-five years ago, they would say that I was famous for my bean dip or lasagna. I've always brought food in as a reward for good behavior. If they behave, they would get my passion. If they misbehaved, they would have to clean the ceramics room. One day, my third period was enjoying a salsa snack when they stopped me in my tracks. They encouraged me to market the special recipe they were enjoying. We had a class discussion about the name and when one of my students asked if he could design the label, Mrs. As Famous Salsa Buena began. Within three weeks the label was designed and within three months we were in our first markets. We are now sold in over 500 markets from California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Wyoming...with more locations across the nation coming soon!

The creation of Mrs. As Salsa Buena and its success has been a group effort. From my students, who sparked the entrepreneur in me to my family and friends who have supported this adventure, I would like to thank everyone for their smiles and support.   

- Mrs. A

Celebrate Mrs. A's Teaching Career

40 years of teaching

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